About CPR Certification Milwaukee

At CPR Certification Milwaukee, we make sure students have the skills for their daily lives before they leave our classroom. Our Instructors work with each student in the skills practice scenarios to ensure they are using the correct technique to effectively perform CPR, the use of an AED and First Aid. Throughout the course, Instructors and Students discuss different types of emergencies, and how to be a confident first responder in any situation.

We offer CPR classes for healthcare, industrial professionals and first time BLS users. We can help anyone gain the confidence to perform CPR and First Aid the correct way. Our instructors are here to meet every student’s needs, giving them the tools necessary to practice and ultimately perform this lifesaving technique in real-life situations.

It’s impossible to say exactly how CPR will affect your life, but we like to think that it could save a life. By giving you the tools you need to confidently perform CPR techniques, hopefully anyone you encounter who needs the assistance can get help in a time of crisis. CPR certification: the first step in becoming a real life superhero.