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Top Rated American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR Classes in Milwaukee, WI

CPR Certification Milwaukee gives you a first-rate CPR and First Aid certification experience at the most competitive rates. Whether you’re a good samaritan or need to do the training for your profession, we want you to be ready to act in unexpected situations! We are proud to be an officially licensed training site for the American Heart Association (AHA) for Basic Life Support (BLS), Healthcare Provider Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Whether attending to an adult, child, or infant, you will take away the valuable resources you need to help save a life. Join us at a time that is convenient for you at our Milwaukee training site — or schedule your on-site CPR class for medium to large groups in Milwaukee, Kenosha, Waukesha, Grafto, Port Washington, Big Bend, Menomonee Falls, Brookfield, Brown Deer, Delafield, East Troy, Mequon, Mukwonago, New Berlin, Oak Creek, Oconomowoc, Lake Geneva, North Chicago, Kenosha, Kohler, Lake Mills, Sheboygan, and Grayslake.

BLS CPR & AED Classes


American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR and AED Certification

Our CPR classes are certified by the American Heart Association (AHA). CPR Certification Milwaukee ensures that you receive the finest emergency response education, equipping you with the AHA Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider CPR and AED certification.

Sample American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR Card Certification from CPR Certification Milwaukee

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BLS CPR, AED + First Aid Classes


American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR and AED Certification & First Aid Certification

The First Aid and CPR classes give you knowledge and resources to deal with any person in distress until medical technicians arrive. Our CPR courses are certified by the American Heart Association (AHA). CPR Certification Milwaukee ensures that you receive the finest emergency response education that employers are looking for, equipping you with the AHA Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider CPR and AED certification.

Sample American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR Card Certification and First Aid Certification Card from CPR Certification Milwaukee

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CPR Certification Milwaukee Locations

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Milwaukee’s Best CPR Certification

Know CPR. Make a difference. Save a life.

CPR Certification Milwaukee administers classes at both our training site as well as on-site for medium to large groups in Cudahy, Greendale, Oak Creek, New Berlin, Franklin, and beyond. We look forward to helping you discover the latest in training to give you or renew your CPR certification.

If more individuals simply knew what to do, thousands more could be supported during accidents, strokes, and heart events each year. Many people who go through our training positively impact the lives of their friends and loved ones.

When you take the time to go through this course, you can save lives — thank you for considering becoming CPR and FIRST AID certified or recertified!

What is CPR?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a life-sustaining method that uses surface chest compressions and rescue breaths to help bring back a heartbeat and regular breathing. From the ABCs of CPR to treating a child or infant versus an adult, our instruction equips you to help until the first responders arrive!

What to Expect in Your CPR Course

After completing the training, you will be confident to handle an emergency, whether attending to an adult, child, or infant.

In this course, you will learn how to work solo or as a team, how to find the pulse, perform chest compressions, the seven steps of CPR, and ultimately, how to restore regular breathing and blood flow to the wounded individual.

You can rest knowing that you have attended the finest American Heart Association CPR and BLS classes and meet OSHA requirements.

CPR Certification Milwaukee is accepted by all employers and organizations, including —

  • Nurses, RNs, and CNAs
  • Hospitals
  • EMT/Paramedic Companies
  • Home Health Aides
  • Nursing schools and All Other College Programs
  • Nonprofits like the Boy and Girl Scouts of America
  • Firefighting and Other Municipalities
  • Personal Training Facilities and Gyms
  • Daycare and Other Caretakers
  • Schools (Private and Public)
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Construction Sites

Why Train With Us?

  1. Our in-person training, hands-on components, streamlined class time, and smaller groups allow us to provide more personalized training.
  2. Our classes give you the most widely recognized and accredited CPR BLS Certification in the USA.
  3. Leave class with your AHA-certified BLS CPR card and your CPR Certification Milwaukee First Aid card on the same day.
  4. Being CPR Certified gives you courage if you ever need to use these life-giving skills.


How much does it cost to become certified?

Our CPR class costs $59.95. Our First Aid + CPR class costs $79.95.

While you may find some courses that appear to be less expensive, both of our courses include your training, skills check-off, testing, and certification card. Be careful while exploring other “cheaper” options — they may have additional hidden fees later in the process.

When will my certification expire?

You will need to renew your CPR AED Certification and CPR Training every two years.

How can I renew my CPR Certification

We constructed all of our CPR Certification and First Aid courses to satisfy first certifications AND recertifications — just sign up for your preferred session!

Can anyone take these courses?

We have no age or professional qualifications to take our classes — everyone is welcome to become CPR certified!

What do I have to do to earn the CPR certification?

You will complete a skills checkoff and a written examination to earn your card, confirming you are well-trained to execute CPR.

All of the testing is included in the basic purchase — with absolutely no hidden fees!

How long do the CPR classes last?

Class times are approximately 3 hrs.

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